Repairs & Warranty


At B Hemmings & Co. we want to ensure that you get the most out of every product you purchase from us. That's why we provide our customers with hassle-free maintenance and repairs. The premium products available at B Hemmings & Co. are formed from the finest materials and leathers in the world. Technically superior; they stand up to the rigors of travel and time.  On the occasions damage does occur; they can be easily serviced by our own skilled craftsmen. Our trained staff are skilled at triaging repairs, and if the warranty on your product has expired we will offer you a reasonable quote.  If you have a product purchased from B Hemmings & Co that requires servicing please contact us


B Hemmings & Co. has curated a collection of the most regarded brands and products made from the finest materials. Products purchased from B Hemmings & Co. are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship, which B Hemmings & Co. upholds on behalf of the manufacturer.

Warranties differ depending on the manufacturer. All service warranties are effective from the date of purchase which we collect in our database. If you require service to an item purchased from B Hemmings & Co. and would like to know whether your repair is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, please contact us